Biblical Greek

The Greek New Testament is the New Testament; all else is translation.
--A. T. Robertson



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Part I: Introduction

Lesson 1. Alphabet and Pronunciation
Lesson 2. Noun Introduction (λόγος)
Lesson 3. Verb Introduction (Present Active Indicative)

Part II: Nouns & Nominals

Lesson 4. First and Second Declension
Lesson 5. Prepositions
Lesson 6. Adjectives: 2-1-2, 2-2
Lesson 7. Pronouns: Personal, Demonstrative, Relative
Lesson 8. Third Declension
Lesson 9. The Article

Midterm Exam 1

Part III: Verbs & Verbals - Indicative

Lesson 10. Present Middle/Passive Indicative
Lesson 11. Contract Verbs
Lesson 12. Future Active/Middle Indicative
Lesson 13. Verbal Roots
Lesson 14. Imperfect Indicative
Lesson 15. First Aorist Active/Middle Indicative
Lesson 16. Second Aorist Active/Middle Indicative
Lesson 17. Aorist and Future Passive Indicative
Lesson 18. Perfect Indicative

Midterm Exam 2

Part IV: Verbs and Verbals - Non-Indicative & μι-Verbs

Lesson 19. Participles
Lesson 20. Participles (cont'd)
Lesson 21. Infinitive
Lesson 22. Subjunctive Mood
Lesson 23. Imperative
Lesson 24. μι-Verbs
Lesson 25. Epilogue (Greek resources on the Internet)

Final Exam


Displaying Greek

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