Teaching Approach

Memorization is required for Vocabulary and Paradigms, and encouraged for Verse memorization.

Exercises and examples include Reading, Parsing, Translation, and Composition.

A quiz is given in the beginning of each class for the materials covered in the previous lesson. It will only involve Greek to English (Vocab, Parsing, Translation), not English to Greek.

Emphasis is on reading Greek. Rules on accents (e.g., penult, enclitic ...) are omitted. Less frequently occured items (e.g., pluperfect, optative, degrees ...) are put in an "optional" section. On the other hand, some grammatical functions and syntax issues that are discussed in Intermediate Greek are incorporated. Sentence diagram is taught.

Composition, though more for writing than reading, can be a very helpful, and fun, exercise, especially when done in class with the teacher's help.

Must-memorize paragdigms and recognition paradigms are distinguished. A balance is kept between emphasizing and de-emphasizing memorization. Students should not be led to believe that there is no "cool/easy" way of learning vocabulary and morphology; however, sometimes one just need to "by-brute-force rote-memorize-this-darn-paradigm." Repetition and thorough drill is key.

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