Vocabulary 14

ἀκολουθέω I follow (ακολουθε-, 90, Anacoluthon)
(ἠκολούθουν), ἀκολουθήσω
διδάσδω I teach (διδαχ-, 97) (ἐδίδασκον), διδάξω
(root χ is dropped when σκ is added to form the present stem.)
ἐπερωτάω I ask (for), question (επ + ερωτα-, 56)
(ἐπηρώτων), ἐπερωτήσω
ἐρωτάω I ask, request (ερωτα-, 63) (ἠrώτων), ἐρωτήσω
θέλω I will, wish, desire (θελ-, 208) (ἤθελον), θελήσω
(Stem used to begin with ε, thus the η augment in the imperfect.
Note in the future, η is inserted before TF; this is not unusual.)
περιπατέω I walk (around), live (περι + πατε-, 95)
(περιεπάτουν), περιπατήσω

αἷμα, τό, -ατος blood (αιματ-, 97, Hematology = the study of blood)
γῆ, ἡ, γῆς earth, land, region (γη-, 250, geology = science of earth)
συναγωγή, ἡ, -ῆς synagogue, meeting (συναγωγη-, 56)
Φαρισαῖος, ὁ, -ου Pharisee (Φαρισαιο-, 98)
χρόνος, ὁ, -ου time (χρονο-, 54, chronology)


Imperfect of some Previous Verbs
δύναμαι ἐδυνάμην (also augments as ἠδυνάμην)
ἔχω εἶχον (stem σ drops after augment, ε+σεχ- = εεχ- = ειχ-)


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