Vocabulary 11

ἀγαπάω I love, cherish (αγαπα-, 143)
ζητέω I seek, desire, try to obtain (ζητε-, 117)
καλέω I call, name, invite (καλεϝ-, 148)
λαλέω I speak, say (λαλε-, 296)
οἶδα I know, understand (ειδ-, 318, perfect form used as present)
πληρόω I fill, complete, fulfill (πληρο-, 86)
ποιέω I do, make (ποιε-, 568, poem = something done)
τηρέω I keep, guard, observe (τηρε-, 70)

δαιμόνιον, τό, -ου demon (δαιμονιο-, 63)
ὅταν whenever (123, a crasis of ὅτε + ἄν)
πλείων, πλεῖον larger, more (πλειον-, 55, comparative of πολύς) (see paradigm) (Also as πλέων)


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