Vocabulary 5

ἡμέρα, ἡ day (ημερα-, 389, ephemeral)
θάλασσα, ἡ sea, lake (θαλασσα-, 91)
θάνατος, ὁ death (θανατο-, 120, euthanasia = easy death)
Ἰωάννης, ὁ John (135)
οἰκία, ἡ house, home (οικια-, 93)
οἰκος, ὁ house, home (οικο-, 114)
ὄχλος, ὁ crowd, multitude (οχλο-, 175)
παραβολή, ἡ parable (παραβολη-, 50)

ἀλλά but, yet, except (638)
ἵνα in order that, that (663)

ἀπό (ἀπ', ἀφ') gen: (away) from (646)
διά (δι') gen: through; acc: on account of (667, diameter)
ἐκ (ἐξ) gen: from, out of (914)
ἐπί (ἐπ', ἐφ') gen: on, over; dat: on the basis of; acc: on, against (890)
κατά (κατ', καθ') gen: down from, against; acc: according to (473)
μετά (μετ', μεθ') gen: with (person); acc: after (469)
παρά (παρ') gen: from; dat: beside, with, in the presence of; acc: alongside of (194)
πρός acc: to, towards, with (700, proselyte)
ὑπέρ gen: in behalf of; acc: above (150, hyperbole = exageration)
ὑπό (ὑπ', ὑφ') gen: by (person); acc: under (220, hypodermic)


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