Vocabulary 2

ἀγάπη, ἡ love (αγαπη-, 116)
βασιλεία, ἡ kingdom (βασιλεια-, 162)
ἔργον, τό work, deed, action (εργο-, 169)
καιρός, ὁ (appointed) time, season (καιρο-, 85)
υἱός, ὁ son (υιο-, 377)
ὥρα, ἡ hour, occasion, moment (ωρα-, 106)

εἰμί I am, exist, live, am present (εσ-, 2460)
ἐστίν he/she/it is  [This is one of the forms of εἰμί]
(see the Present Indicative εἰμί paradigm if interested)
ἦν he/she/it was  [This is another form of εἰμί]
(see the Imperfect εἰμί paradigm if interested)

ἄλλος other, another (αλλο/η-, 155, allegory)
αὐτός he/she/it/they, self, same (αυτο/η-, 5595, autocrat)
(see the Third Person Personal Pronoun paradigm if interested)
δέ but, and (2792) Postpositive
ἐν dat: in, on, among (2752)
νῦν adverb: now; noun: the present (147)
the (19870) (see the Article paradigm)
ὅτι that, since, because (1296)
οὐ, οὐκ, οὐχ not (1606)


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