The 8 Noun Rules


1. Stems ending in alpha or eta are in the first declesion, stems ending in omicron are in the second declesion, and consonantal stems are in the third.

2. Every neuter word has the same form in the nominative and accusative.

3. Almost all neuter words end in alpha in the nominative and accusative plural.

4. In the dative singular, the iota subscripts if possible. 5. Vowels often change their length ("ablaut"). 6. In the genitive and dative, the masculine and neuter will always be identical.

7. The Square of Stops.

Unvoiced Voiced Aspirated
Labial π β φ
Velar κ γ χ
Dental τ δ θ

Interatction with sigma and theta
+ σ + θ
π β φ ψ φθ
κ γ χ ξ χθ
τ δ θ σ σθ

8. A tau cannot stand at the end of a word and will drop off.

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