Infinitive Morphemes

Present 1st Aorist 2nd Aorist Perfect
active ειν σαι ειν κεναι
middle εσθαι σασθαι εσθαι σθαι
passive εσθαι θηναι ηναι σθαι


Infinitive - λύω, εἰμί and 2nd Aorist

λύω εἱμί and 2nd Aorist
Present active λύειν εἶναι
Present mid/pas λύεσθαι  
Future active λύσειν  
Future middle λύσεσθαι ἔσεσθαι
Future passive λυθήσεσθαι  
Aorist active λῦσαι λαβεῖν
Aorist middle λύσασθαι λαβέσθαι
Aorist passive λυθῆναι γραφῆναι
Perfect active λελυκέναι  
Perfect mid/pas λελύσθαι  
Note: The future infinitive is found only six times in the New Testament. ἔσεσθαι occurs four of the six times.

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