Lesson 25 Epilogue

  1. How to keep up your Greek
    1. Read!
      • Read regularly. Be exposed to large sections of text.
      • Start with simpler texts, eg, John's Gospel and epistles.
    2. Review!
      • Review Vocabulary and Paradigms regularly.
        You'll loose all pleasure if you have to look up every word when you read.
    3. Apply!
      • Use it in your devotion, bible study preparation, teaching, preaching...

  2. Where to get help
    1. I don't recognize this form or word!
      • If it occurs in the NT, use a GNT that has all the words parsed
        Ex. Crosswalk's Interlinear Bible
      • In general, use the Perseus Morphology or Dictionary tools
    2. I don't understand this construction!
      • Look it up in a grammar
        Ex. Smyth's Greek Grammar
      • Check a commentary that discusses Greek
        Ex. Robertson's Word Pictures (RWP)
      • Ask!
        Ex. Join B-Greek, an email discussion group on Biblical Greek

  3. Other references/resources
    1. Greek texts: GNT, LXX, Josephus, Church fathers, Classical Greek literature...
    2. Bible translations: NIV, NASB, NET...
    3. Grammars, commentaries, lexicons ...