Lesson 1 Alphabet and Pronunciation

I. Alphabet

II. Pronunciation & other Marks


Rev 22:13 ἐγὼ τὸ ἄλφα καὶ τὸ ὦ. (I am the Alpha and the Omega.)

John 1:51 ἀμὴν ἀμὴν λέγω ὑμῖν. (Truly truly I say to you.)

Rom 1:7 χάρις ὑμῖν καὶ εἰρήνη. (Grace and peace to you.)

John 1:1 Ἐν ἀρχῇ ἦν ὁ λόγος. (In the beginning was the Word.)

ησοῦς Χριστός Θεοῦ Υἱός Σωτήρ
(ἰχθύς = fish)



  1. Vocabulary. It is recommended that you start building/using flash cards.

  2. Alphabet. It is important that you also learn the order of the letters.

  3. Practice reading aloud with a longer passage until you are comfortable with the alphabet and pronunciation:
    1John 1   (You can read 1John 1:5-2:5 along with Dr. Mounce)
    John 1:1-18
    or any other one of your favoriate passages. (See Greek New Testament on the Internet)