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Athenian ÉEn fobª o‰da eÂw ≥ ©j s–zv yl›ciw
BSTGreek ÅEn fobh'/ oi\da ei|ß h[ e^x swv/zw qli'yiß
Bwgrkl VEn fobh/| oi=da ei-j h; e]x sw,|zw qli/yij
Galilee )En fobh:/ oi\da ei|V h[ e}x swv/zw qli:yiV
Greek =En fobh'/ oi\da ei|" h[ e}x swv/zw qli'yi"
Helena ∆En fobhØv oi•da ei–ß h¡ e§x swˆ¿zw qli√yiß
(or EGreek)
∆En fobh~| oi+da ei=v h] e{x sw>|zw qli~yiv
Mounce ∆En fobh'/ oi\da ei|ß h[ e}x swv/zw qli'yiß
Sgreek ¡En fob$= oiåda eiâj hã eác s%/zw qliÍyij
SIL Galatia @En fobŪ o∫da eµv ÿ üx s¸zw ql≤yiv
SLGreek 'En fobhŸ| oi£da ei¶v h¿ e∂c sw/|zw qli⁄yiv
SPIonic 'En fobh=| oi]da ei[j h1 e4c sw/|zw qli=yij
Symbol En fobh oida eiV h ex swzw qliyiV
TekniaGreek =En fobh:/ oi\da ei»ß h[ e}x swv/zw qliÚyiß


Compare the sample text with its graphic representation to see if you have that particular Greek font installed.
Click on the name of the font for download information (if it is available on the Internet). For more font resources, visit the New Testament Gateway, Greek Fonts section, by Dr. Mark Goodacre.

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